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About o3 Media Group

Out of the love creating useful products on the internet, I created Out Of the Office Media Group (o3 Media Group)! We provide answers to questions and solutions to problems with our Niche' Websites, Mobile Websites and Useful Smartphone Apps.

o3 Media is home to the Evac2Go: Emergency Notification System. I experienced a problem, found a solutions that society can benefit from. Find out more about our brands.

o3 Media is 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned, 100% Woman-Owned and 100% Minority Owned.

Our mission is to provide a fine-tuned approach to managing people, time and resources to provide quality services while creating value for our customers.

o3 Media Group constantly strives to provide superior performance throughout the life of our contracts, and our customers constantly recognize it.

Business Base
  • Federal, State and Loval Government
  • Commercial Enterprises
Contract Relationships
  • Sub to Large Primes
  • Prime with Small Business Subs
Performance Locations
  • CONUS contract operating locations 

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April Roberts Holland, o3 Media Group's Founder and President, has been seen at: